Bryan Windmill Identification

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Bryan Windmill Identification

Through this whole process of restoration I have assumed the Windmill I have is a Bryan Bros Cyclone windmill from about 1924. This is based on the Patent description which fits perfectly, and matching it with the Windmill in Theo Cooks Windmill park in Shepparton which shows undeniable similarities that could only come from the same manufacturer.


There are a few differences, however, and I will point out some of these in the pictures below.

The first is the gearbox itself. If you look closely at the main bearing covers you will see they are different. The one on the left has a cover that bolts to the main case with what looks like three bolts. Mine on the right has a piece built into the main casting and then just a small cover held on by two bolts.

back viewTheo COOK 2










The next difference that I can clearly see is the internals of the gearbox. The box on the left has a rod for some reason above the two main gears, the other doesn't. The one on the right, however, has a fitting on the side of the gearbox that holds the two main gears in place.

The other is on the gearbox on the left there is a bolt to a plate above the main gear wheel to a plate on the inside presumably to perform the same function of holding the gear in place.Internals theo1gearbox













The other differentiating factor of the two was the tail vane the one on the left had a tail vane that said Footscray while the one on the right said Colac.

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